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New Patient (incl. X-rays*)


The Chiropractor will take a full history of your complaint, perform and examination to find the cause of the problem and (*if necessary) will take digital x-rays using our onsite facilities. You will then be booked in for the report of findings appointment.

Report of Findings


This is where your Chiropractor will go through the results of your examination, show you any x-rays taken, explain how we can help you and how long it will take.

Chiropractic treatments


This is performed by your highly qualified and registered Chiropractor.

Children 0-18yrs

Half price

We treat children of all ages catching problems early by assessing their spine for birth trauma or scoliosis in teenagers.

Extra X-rays


The first area is included in your new patient consultation – only to be charged if any additional areas are needed

Postural analysis


A full assessment of your posture