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Frozen shoulder


We often find in our practice that this term is heavily misused, as any chronic shoulder pain is wrongly referred to as frozen shoulder. Shoulder problems can be very complex with many causes. Through tests chiropractors can

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Low Back Pain


This is the most common reason for people finding Chiropractic and there are many different causes of low back pain. It is thought that up to 80% of the population suffer from some form of back pain

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Sciatica literally means leg pain, and is the term given when low back problems cause pain in the leg. There can be many factors that cause sciatica so further diagnosis is needed. Sciatica can be

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Slipped disc


This has many names: disc herniation, disc prolapse, disc bulge, disc protrusion, ‘slipped disc’. The intervertebral discs are strong, flexible cartilage circles that sit in-between every pair of bones in your spine (vertebra). They act as

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