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Halloween 2016


We love Halloween and this year we decided with a little house modification we could really bring the Halloween spirit to Poynton. With a little help from our handyman (and Dad) we transformed the front

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Poynton Show 2016


Wow an exciting, busy but exhausting Poynton show has just finished again! We take over a side in the craft tent with our family running The Back Pain Centre, Sally's beads and Herbal Fix cosmetics

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New Website


After a recent large scale clinic redecoration we are now happy to also show off our new website....Key areas like the Patient area are still available for our existing patients with videos on exercises and using

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Clinic Tour


We want you to feel relaxed and safe in our clinic which can be difficult when you're in pain. Come along with us and see a tour of the clinic so you can know your

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What is Whiplash?  Whiplash is defined medically as “A sudden, moderate-severe strain affecting the bones, discs, muscles, nerves, or tendons of the neck” The injury to the joints in the spine is caused by the spine

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Pins & Needles and Dizziness


There are many causes of dizziness including problems in the neck. If the nerves at the top of the neck are involved dizziness can occur with neck motion and posture changes. Due to the repetitive nature

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